Fyrelink VPS takes Berndale Capital’s blazing execution speed to the next level, granting traders an incredible market advantage. Designed to drastically reduce your platform latency, Fyrelink is powered by the globally renowned BeeksFX Equinix NY4 and LD5 high performance Virtual Private Server infrastructure, built on the latest generation hardware and fibre optic interconnects. This results in near instant trade execution, no matter where you are located in the world.

Benefit from guaranteed server uptime and trade with algorithmic Expert Advisors 24/7, without the worry of internet downtime, power outages or hardware failure.

Technical Specifications

Powerful Dual Core CPU

Fast 2700MB RAM

50GB High Speed Storage

What is a VPS?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is an independently hosted virtual server environment that is provided to clients who wish to reduce dependence on their own hardware, and minimise their market execution time. Clients are able to install almost any software package they would install on their own PC (in this situation; MT4) to run in a highly secure and reliable server environment. VPS are immune to typical failure points that are common with hardware or utility services, allowing traders to operate Expert Advisors or other Algorithmic trading systems with greater assurance.

Who are BeeksFX?

Beeks Financial Cloud is a leading UK based Virtual Private Server provider. Built around a network of eight high performance datacentres situated within the financial trading hubs of the world, Berndale has selected BeeksFX to power Fyrelink, ensuring our clients receive the fastest possible execution speed and highest reliability.

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